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Change the face of the tech industry.

We founded Kickstart Coding in 2018 with one goal: Make coding accessible to everyone. We believe that financial, structural, and geographic barriers shape the demographics of the tech industry, adding artificial barriers and hurdles to an already difficult-to-learn skill. We believe coding that should be accessible and useful to everyone. While we may have just started, we believe we are making great strides to this goal already.

Worker Owned Co-op

At Kickstart Coding, we care about providing the best education, and the best education is provided by devoted instructional staff and fair and equitable management practices. To that end, we provide all instructional staff with big perk: A path toward ownership. Chat with us to learn more about this and the concept of worker-ownership.

Open positions

There are presently no open positions at Kickstart Coding.

How to apply

Curious about one of these positions? Email us with your CV at: [email protected]