Learning Center Guides Finding Your Perfect Self-Paced Coding Plan
Finding Your Perfect Self-Paced Coding Plan

Finding Your Perfect Self-Paced Coding Plan

Mish Mercer May 05 2023


So, you're considering jumping into a programming bootcamp. Maybe you're ready to switch careers and need guidance on where to start, or perhaps you're struggling to find an affordable option that offers more than a click-through tutorial of the basics.

Kickstart Coding is here for you! We have completely revitalized our program to offer three new plans, with further customizable options that are sure to suit any lifestyle or career goal.

Check out our full catalog of plans HERE, and read on to determine which one might be right for you!

The Self-Paced Plan

What it includes:

  • Lifetime access to the full suite of video courses
  • Includes 175+ hours of video lecture content and 200+ sample projects and activities
  • Weekly Q&A sessions with instructors and other students
  • Access to our Linux Lab for Windows users –
    • Local Bay Area students can borrow a laptop (with a small deposit) pre-installed with Linux and ready-to-go!

Who it's for:

  • Those that are self-driven to work through the material on their own
  • Those looking to study on the side while still working, with lifelong access to learning materials that can easily suit your schedule whenever you're ready
  • Those looking to simply get their feet wet with learning to code, with a relatively low level of commitment


  • $149 for 2 months

The Private Tutoring Plan

What it includes:

Everything in the Self-Paced Plan, plus…

  • Weekly private lessons with an instructor during a timeslot of your choosing
    • 1 on 1 lessons of 25 minutes each, with direct support and tailored projects to suit your specific goals and ideas

Who it's for:

  • Those with big ideas about what they want to build and do with their new code knowledge
  • Those that are ready to jump headlong into a coding bootcamp hoping to cultivate skills for a job in the near future; the true "kickstart" experience!


  • $499 for 2 months

The Hybrid Bootcamp Plan

What it includes:

Everything in the Private Tutoring Plan, plus…

  • Virtual workgroup
    • 4 hour session every week with a group of other students, supervised by a Kickstart Coding instructor.
    • Replicates a virtual classroom experience – listen to other student's questions, share screens and even team up with others on projects
  • In-person workgroup
    • In addition to accessing the virtual group, local Bay Area students can visit us in person at Oakstop, our workspace in downtown Oakland, for 4 hours every week
  • BONUS Kickstart Career Program
    • Get personalized help polishing your resume, preparing a personal website and practicing interviews

Who it's for:

  • Those needing a more traditional classroom-like learning environment, with more supervised projects and hands-on instruction
  • Committed career-changers seeking a robust longer-term program to cultivate a solid foundation of knowledge
  • Those looking for exclusive career advice and opportunities to network with other students


  • $2,499 for 9 months
Mish Mercer

Mish (they/them) is a Kickstart Coding alum, having completed the fullstack program in Spring 2020. While primarily a PHP and MySQL developer, Mish also excels at Python, Lua, MongoDB, Django, React and other more modern stacks and frameworks. When not writing up an article for the newsletter or fielding students' code questions, you can find them tinkering with appliances in their house, playing the latest spooky video game, or binging some classic Star Trek content.